From atomic design of crystal grain limits to the customer-specific style of a wear part, Hyperion Materials & Technologies is devoted to advancing the frontiers of concrete carbide modern technology in order to meet our customers’ existing as well as future needs. Every stage in the manufacturing of a concrete carbide element– from powder manufacturing to ending up– is important to making sure maximum efficiency in your marking tool blanks. Universal’s products are manufactured at our center in Tylertown, Mississippi. From right here, we deliver our carbide cutting tools as well as components to customers worldwide. Universal additionally makes wear components for a selection of commercial resizing and shattering tools.

Carbide tools have an insert of sturdy tungsten carbide brazed to the tip of a steel shank. The phenomenon of deterioration mirrors the second law of thermodynamics, in which objects wander off from their initial kind and feature with time unless power from an exterior force is utilized to maintain them. If repair is difficult an object is considered palatable.

We additionally have the unique capability to companion with you in the development of reliable options. Specially made to fit high-wear areas for extra protection, Hensley’s extensive wear parts help in reducing upkeep and downtime of your mining tools. Find out more concerning our bolt-on wear runners, bolt-on end caps and bolt-on segments, sides and also leading covers.

This anxiety is difficult to prevent in the regular use of the tool for its developed task, and any effort to avoid it hinders its capability. At the very same time, it is expected that the normal use a hammer will not break it irreparable during a reasonable life cycle. We provide carbide wear parts as well as devices to lots of original equipment makers, suppliers, pulp mills, chip mills, as well as sawmills. Hyperion Materials & Technologies’ concrete click here carbide (also referred to as strong carbide or tungsten carbide (WC)) wear parts supply superior wear protection independent of wear coatings; however, for those products made from steel or light weight aluminum, we provide sophisticated protection via our exclusive wear finishings. Hyperion’s Compound Ruby Coatings (CDC) is the leading wear finish security offered as well as can be applied to any kind of form without line of vision.

  • Every phase in the production of a concrete carbide element– from powder production to completing– is critical to making sure optimum efficiency in your stamping tool spaces.
  • We companion with our consumers to boost performance and also develop options for their wear component applications.
  • Hyperion Products & Technologies manufactures concrete carbide knives that outshine steel blades as well as aid to minimize upkeep downtime.
  • Learn more concerning our bolt-on wear runners, bolt-on end caps and bolt-on segments, sides and leading covers.
  • The toughness as well as use resistance of cemented carbide make it the most effective selection for aerospace components, as various other materials can not endure the difficult environmental problems.


Hyperion Materials & Technologies makes cemented carbide blades that outperform steel knives as well as assist to lower upkeep downtime. Hyperion’s concrete carbides offer a distinct combination of controlled grain sizes as well as mechanical buildings that help you optimize your performance. We companion with our clients to boost efficiency and establish options for their blade applications. A vast number of metal parts, like integrated circuit (IC) lead structures, electric motor instances, as well as ports require marking modern technology. The stamping devices require high precision and needs to be able to quickly take care of huge volumes at a high price of speed.

Likewise, an electric water heater component that stops working from years of wear and tear might be replaced rather than the entire water heater. Universal keeps a big stock of tungsten carbide wear parts and devices for timber chippers, chip slicers, planers, debarkers, and also other high-production wood-working equipment. A tungsten carbide reducing device, put on location, or component is confirmed to last 3 to 6 times longer than a steel device.

Parts that are made to use inside a device, like o-rings and bearings are meant to be replaced with new ones; consumables like paper, cardboard, textiles, as well as item packaging are created with a service life commensurate with their intended use. As an example, grocery stores may provide consumers a paper or plastic sack to execute grocery stores, but it is planned that the sack will certainly have a brief lifespan prior to wear and tear would certainly trigger it to fail. Given that 1962, Universal Wearparts has manufactured accuracy brazed tungsten carbide devices for wood-working devices such as chippers, chip slicers, planers, debarkers, as well as various other heavy wear industrial equipment. When a product is used effectively and with treatment and also correct maintenance, put on and tear is a form of devaluation which is assumed to occur even. As an example, repeated impacts might create stress to a hammer’s head.


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